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OMG ! Where do I start !!!! I would give 5 negative stars if I could... I am out in Albuquerque on a family emergency and my new 2018 Versa needed an oil change before driving back to Alabama. I took it in on 8/13/2018 and they put the WRONG OIL in it.. Service department put 5w 30 when the vehicle takes 0w 20 which is stated in owners manuel and inside the hood of car. I took the car back and requested they put the correct oil in and change the filter again. When they were done I checked the oil and it was overfilled. The REASON it was overfilled is because they stated on paperwork the filter was changed again , however it was not because I marked the old filter and it was still on the car when they were done and gave me my keys back. Why would I mark the old filter ? Because of shady BS like this !!!!You have got to be kidding me !!! I let the service advisor know and the issues were corrected but never should have happened. This is horrible ! Who does crap like this ???? What kind of people do you hire???


Well if anything ever happens to my engine in or out of warranty guess who I will be calling ?


Melloy Nissan of Albuquerque

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I recently purchased a used 2009 Nissan 370z from Melloy Nissan dealership thinking I was getting the best deal on the planet when in reality it wasn't so. My problems all started a month age when one of my friends notice that one of my tires on my 370z were oxidized in the treads which I also took pictures of.

I checked all four tires and they where all doing the same thing I also check the date of the OEM Yokohama ADVAN Sport, which is April 3, 2008 for the fronts, and April 4, 2008 for the rears. I later took my car over to Melloy Nissan where they referred me to Discount Tires to get them replaced. The Discount Tire sales man quoted me a price of $1300.00 to have my tires replaced. The sales man also referred to my factory OEM tires as hazardous and I should be careful driving.

Recently tonight I attempted to have the tires replaced as I was instructed to by Assistant Sales Manager Brandon Pierce over the past weekend. Service Advisor Brian Dau stated that there is nothing that he would do about the tires. I then proceed to try and speak with the General Manager Guy Melloy, who was not available, I asked for the General Mangers card so that I may speak with him about the hazardous tires and I was given Roy Benson who is not the General Manager.

I am completely fed up with Melloy Nissan and if I can I will not be returning to them for any kind or service to my Z. Tonight

Monetary Loss: $1.



You bought a used car, which means the tires are not new.

If you wanted mew tires, you should have arranged for it when you bought the car.

I guess if the radiator starts leaking, you want them to give you a new radiator?

Next time buy a new car with a warranty, don't expect all parts on a used car to be new!


I had the same problem but with shocks and the timeline was 4 days. Who ever did the safety inspection is either incompetent or dishonest. Maybe now we know what department "Boo Hoo" works in!


You must work for them. There is no need for name calling, but if that makes you feel like a better person go right ahrad. Its ok I'm no longer upset about it just want to warn others about the shady business Melloy Nissan practices.

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